Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Want To Ride My Bicycle!

I have been contemplating buying a bicycle. There is a turquoise one at BJ's that I have my eye on but it's not in my budget. Also Jordan said a bike might be something I ride one time and never again. (He must have heard this speech from his mother!!)

Well low and behold on my way home from work today I spotted a bike at the flea market in Jenkinsburg (they have it every Thursday thru Friday if you are interested). It was only $20 and that was in my budget. I took a spin on it right there in the flea market parking lot , to the old man's amazement! I did not pop the tires so I thought it okay this is a deal. I put my top down and he put it in the back and I brought it home.

The kids and I had a blast on it!!! I'll keep you updated on if Jordan's theory was right.

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